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My daughter Michal was born on Aug.7th 1997 at 10:30AM at "Bnay Zion" (Rothchild) medical center in Haifa.
Her weight at birth was 2,320gr, and 2,250gr when she and Mother Orit were released home.

This is the first picture of Michal. It was taken (and retouched) by the ultrasound engineer when Michal was a 17 weeks old fetus. (Not that I'm biased, but isn't she lovely?).


These are Orit and myself one week before Michal was born. I leave it up to your wild imagination to find out who is the pregnant parrent.


We were urged to the hospital on the evening of Wed. Aug 6th, after a routine monitoring session discovered "variable decelerations" in Michal's heart-beat. Orit was in some pain.


But it was worth it. This is 20 seconds old Michal, and Orit's tears of happiness.


Five minutes later things look MUCH better.


This is 48 hours old Michal all dressed up and ready to be released from the hospital.


This is the first diaper we have changed at home. First we used "Sano Ultra" which served as sleeping bags rather than diapers. Only two days after this picture had been taken we found out that "Huggies-Mini" fit Michal's size better.

At 5 months of age Michal is smiling.

And playing.

And sitting.

And looking around.

And sometimes angry.

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